1. DeskLook 3.5

DeskLook 3.5 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 1.1MB | Shareware | November 4, 2008
DeskLook for Outlook reads tasks, appointments and counts unread messages in selected folders of your Outlook automatically. Then, it shows all information conveniently on the interactive desktop together with a calendar for three months.
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2. Active Desktop Wallpaper 1.1

Active Desktop Wallpaper 1.1 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 1.33MB | Shareware | June 6, 2001
Transform your desktop to an exciting picture gallery. Three wallpaper change modes available: manual, cycling or around-the-clock list. Create list of wallpapers easily, add pictures and text to any wallpaper with instant outcome, export wallpapers.
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3. Make My Day 1.0

Make My Day 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 1.72MB | Shareware | May 12, 2000
Fill MMD's documents with your favorite images, texts and sounds. Let them tell a story or simply look nice. It's a great fun, it's relaxing and you won't be disturbed. Finally, use Make EXE function for converting documents to stand-alone programs.
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4. News Watch 1.0

News Watch 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 934KB | Shareware | September 10, 2001
Got a web page to look after? Set its URL address, set expected search phrases and News Watch will monitor the web page for you at regular intervals and notify you when there's a match. Organize web pages in categories. Never miss a thing on the web.
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5. ScreenSaver Druid 1.0

ScreenSaver Druid 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 1.33MB | Freeware | December 23, 2002
ScreenSaver Druid is freeware solution for managing screensavers. In addition to standard functions, it features ordered, scheduled and random lists for running screensavers, search for screensavers scattered on your hard drives, delete screensavers. Free!
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6. ScreenSaver Messages 1.0

ScreenSaver Messages 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 292KB | Freeware | November 4, 2002
This screensaver displays messages other users sent through SSMess website and downloads new messages automatically in the background. Updates are quick as a set of new messages takes only a couple of kilobytes. The whole system is free to use. Free!
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Download ScreenSaver Messages 1.0

7. Touch Wood 1.0

Touch Wood 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 1.08MB | Freeware | January 12, 2000
It's woodware, luckware, funware and above all it's freeware. Touch Wood is your virtual good luck companion. Whenever you wish to celebrate good news or pray for some luck by touching wood, you will be able to do it right on the screen! Free!
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8. XemiComputers 1.0

XemiComputers 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 254KB | Freeware | August 14, 2002
See internet screen saver technology in action! Download and install our company's internet screen saver now. When started, it will download its component files and show you the latest information about our programs. Free!
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9. XemiComputers DeskTop Pack 1.0

XemiComputers DeskTop Pack 1.0 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Windows | 6.54MB | Shareware | January 9, 2002
Active Desktop Calendar is unique PIM that shows valuable data directly on desktop. Audio Notes Recorder records voice notes or simply any sound coming through your sound card. Active Desktop Wallpaper keeps your desktop always looking fresh.
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Download XemiComputers DeskTop Pack 1.0

10. XemiCo Today Calendar 1.1

XemiCo Today Calendar 1.1 by XemiComputers Ltd.
Pocket PC | 84KB | Shareware | November 5, 2008
Get a smart calendar for your pocket screen! This program reads information directly from Pocket Outlook and depending on how busy you are it colors dates in its calendar that is always visible on today screen. Works on WM5 and WM6 Pocket PC devices.
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